WEEP NOT MY MOTHERLAND by Her Majesty, Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa
Her Majesty, Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa

WEEP NOT MY MOTHERLAND by Her Majesty, Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa


My heart bleeds for my Nation as I pray for peace in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian in diaspora but a person whose land is on fire is a prisoner of conscience in a foreign land. Nigeria is a land blessed with resources but the greed in the heart of men has turned a whole country into a nightmare. For how long will you sit on the side line; for how long will you watch your people perish. For how long will Nigerians in diaspora turn blind eye to the pain, the brutality against Nigerians in their homeland.

Nigerians in Diaspora please raise a voice for the voiceless; be the hope for the hopeless. Be the pillar of strength for the youths on the streets crying for justice and freedom. Be the voice of reason to the Government of Nigeria for a peaceful resolution. This is not the time for politics and blame games, find love for one another in your heart and reach out with a message of peace for our motherland. Act now before it is too late; only the truth shall set us free. A person whose people are not free, though he may not be there, is still a prisoner and not a free man.

Nigeria, the giant of Africa is marching forward. As long as there’s breath we are strong together and together our voices must be heard. End brutality in Nigeria by raising a voice against corruption; against human rights and injustice. You may be comfortable in the diaspora but a person whose mind is not free is a prisoner of the same fight for freedom of his people. Every fight for freedom begins in the mind; where the mind is without fear there lies freedom. Freedom is a breath of life that we the people of Nigeria are entitle to as a Nation.

Nigerians in diaspora, your motherland weeps…..
Arise oh Compatriot!
Arise Nigerians all over the World.
Arise Africa and friends of Africa.
Arise International human rights organizations.
Arise for Peace in Nigeria; Arise for peace in Africa. RAISE A VOICE FOR WORLD PEACE

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