THERE’S GREATNESS IN THE PAIN<br>Do you feel targeted? Are you under an attack?
Monarchy of Yaya for the world

Do you feel targeted? Are you under an attack?

In the midst of oppression and opposition of the enemy, retreat in solitude with your God. Protect what is in you that has been targeted for destruction. There are people who will reject you the moment you receive a clarion call because the divine light in you rattles the demons in them. Allow divine power to direct your path. The weapon of warfare is prayer…

Train your mind to see the good in every situation. You never know where life takes you. Don’t waste your life focusing on what is being used to break you or test your faith in God. Walk away and refused to be trapped by the illusion created by the enemy to destroy you. No matter what you’ve lost, no matter the victimization, keep moving with the purpose God placed on your heart. Do not entertain the energy of fear, anger, and bitterness. Refuse to turn back in search of what has been taken from you. Your transformation comes from your ability to cut out what was being used as a bet and pawn to break you. Defeat the enemy in solitude with God within you.

Forgive the beast who hurt you. Forgive the monster who betrayed you. Don’t let your past dictate who you are but let it be a reason for who you will become; step into the higher version of yourself, there’s greatness in the pain. A stronger and better person is born out of pain. Pain produce endurance, courage, strength, and power. Always trust that the universe has a divine plan for all you’ve been through. Your journey is a passage to the actualization of your destiny.

Now let us pray. Jehovah Sabaoth, the Warrior of Warriors. Thank you Lord, for the awakening of my true life calling. I surrender to your divine path. Thank you for this journey; for my spiritual growth through pain and enlightenment. Thank you Lord, for the clarity and realization that only you can use rejection to ruffle the nest to force a person out of the comfort zone to launch them in the path of destiny. I chose to walk the path of my destiny; I chose to be identified as a son or daughter of God. The fullness of the blessing of the power is placed in the name as an overcomer. I chose to be sold out to divine vision. May my feet follow your leading. May my mind be renewed with your truth. May my heart be full of your grace. May my words be full of your wisdom. May my dreams be filled with your vision and my soul be filled of your peace. I lay my life at your feet and I offer you all that I am. I chose to identify myself to whom God says I am.

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