Prince Andrew Williams Jr. of Obi Eziokwu Palace Ghana<br>Strategic Alliance Coordinator. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Andrew Williams

Prince Andrew Williams Jr. of Obi Eziokwu Palace Ghana
Strategic Alliance Coordinator. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Prince Andrew Williams Jr. of Obi Eziokwu Palace Ghana by HRM Eze Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Thenetu, Eze Ndigbo Ghana (King of the Igbo People of Ghana) and the Council of Chiefs was born on April 24, 1958 in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. That was just weeks after the All-Africa Peoples Conference was conceived to include social groups, including ethnic communities and anti-colonial political parties and African organizations such as Labor Unions and other significant associations in the late 1950s and early 1960s both in Africa and the Diaspora such as Europe, North America and South America. The All-Africa Peoples Conference was conceived to represent the position that Africa should be returned to the peoples and groups, such as ethnic communities, from who it was grabbed by colonialism. The idea was mooted in Accra April 1958 by John Kale from Uganda. This was at the end of first Africa Heads of State Conference in Accra Ghana in March 1958 that included Kwame Nkrumah, leader of the newly independent Ghana.

Prince Andrew Williams Jr. of Obi Eziokwu Palace Ghana lives a life dedicated to delivering globally sourced regenerative solutions “glocalizing” sustainable development. He develops, influences and coordinates strategic alliance outcomes for tribes, nations, nongovernmental organizations, agencies, businesses, projects, communities of peoples and individuals locally and globally through the PARXTC Export Trading Company, Inc.

Through “Conversations with Ambassador Andrew Williams Jr” Andrew informs and empowers 300,000+ subscribers through UC TRN Networks, 50,000 via Facebook groups, 12,000+ via LinkedIn connections; 3,000 Twitter followers and thousands more monthly through online webinars and social media streaming.

As a Strategic Alliance Coordinator/Consultancy for the Sustainable Development Goals, Chairperson of the Ad Hoc International Advisory Board of Goodwill Ambassadors (AHIABGA), Andrew is also President of Five Points Youth Foundation; (Los Angeles, California) Lifetime Member of the Black Emergency Managers Association (BEMA) International (Washington, D.C.); Chairperson of the International Advisory Board of SAGA Foundation (Lagos, Nigeria); World Humanitarian Organization for Peace and Equity (Lagos, Nigeria); Association for Health, Safety & Environmental Awareness International (Lagos, Nigeria) and Centre for Africa Volunteers (Nairobi, Kenya). In the USA, Andrew is Advisory Board Member for the Edfu Foundation and The Conservancy Corps.

Andrew develops long-term vision and goals for company growth and partnerships.

•Maintains and nurtures relationships with senior leaders at partner companies to ensure that all parties are satisfied with progress and outcome of partnerships.
•Responsible for securing external partnerships including contacting top leaders, securing appointments, developing proposals, and making presentations.


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