I am born with a veil
Baroness Uba Iwunwa

I am born with a veil

My mother often said that I came with the sac to remain an only child. Horrors that I’ve been through in life and survived pushed me to research on the medical and spiritual meaning of a birth with the sac, known also as ‘CAUL BEARER’. This medical phenomenon happens when a baby emerges fully inside the amniotic sac, a thin and filmy membrane, that’s how I was born.

Some practitioners call this condition “born with a veil.” The doctor or midwife simply peels away the caul without issue. Although in rare cases, if the caul is tightly adhered to the baby’s head, they must take great care not to tear the baby’s skin. My mother witnessed the pealing of the sac after my birth. It was a terrifying experience for a new mom. She attributed this condition to her inability to have more children after me.

Spiritual phenomenon has it that a baby born with caul is destined for greatness; spiritually known as a child born behind the veil. Caul bearers are spiritually gifted with psychic abilities. They seek for only love and peace all the days of their lives. A finding that helped me to know my true self and I was able to make peace with myself and embrace my divine path of humanitarian mission of peace and love with total gladness to my creator. Knowing who I am defined my purpose. No sense of loss or regrets but a total sense of inner peace.

A caul birth is a child with a mission on earth. A creative mind, they have vision, blessed with the wisdom of the supernatural which makes them speaks in parables. Caul bearers are gifted to see beyond, which means multi dimensional beings. They are the bearers of the holy grail, the ultimate peace. A caul bearer carries the aura of peace and their presence always attract jealousy which leads to unexplainable attacks by dark entities who targets caul bearers. People are often curious to know who they are because there’s something special in a caul bearer, they are divine beings. It can be seen as a curse by some people because such gifts also carry with them some powerful challenges and heavy burdens. I’ve had a share of bitter challenges, pain and suffering. With each glance on a mirror, I always remind myself that I was born a caul bearer, a royal priesthood. I must stand in my divine authority as a torch bearer by the ordinance of my creator to walk my path of destiny to spread love and peace.

Most caul birth spiritually occurs mostly from the lamentation of a barren woman seeking for the fruit of the womb or a woman desperately in need of a particular sex of a baby who has cried out to the Universe or a generational star gift in a family which in Africa we attribute it to reincarnation.

Caul bearers are consolation seeds or seed of destiny. They know who they are as special being from birth. They keep to themselves, a caul bearer enjoys being alone to create. They are divine gift and the veil at birth symbolizes divine protection, they always get through tough situations unharmed. A caul birth is God’s own “Chosen one”. In Africa, caul bearers are known as sons and daughters of the gods, they are rare beings.

A caul birth is a child who can see beyond the veil of existence, a co-creator. They are light bearers and supernatural gifted creative beings in alignment with portal of creation. They are magical, mystical and mysterious beings to behold.

This piece is a shout out to every caul bearer out there on their divine path and mission. I wish you all love and light.

Her Majesty, Amb. Dr, Uba Iwunwa

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