Her Majesty, Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa


by Her Majesty, Amb. Dr. Uba Iwunwa

Awakening of a new dawn. Come out of that spiritual cave. Your outcast season is over. Your isolation season is over. No more being a lone ranger. Arise and walk out from that spiritual prison. The season of being at the receiving end of abuse and rejection that caused you to retreat is over. That spiritual captivity and bondage is over. Let this healing message grant you justice, empowerment and liberation. Allow God to take your pain and settle the score for you. Boldly claim your ordinance on earth and walk it in faith.

Say to your soul: I choose to forgive those who hurt me; those who abused me, betrayed me and abandoned me. Those who rejected me, mutilated me, silenced me and cast me away hoping that they have destroyed my destiny. God, I released them from the bitterness that I hold against them; I forgive them. God, remove all hurt, trauma and the root of abuse from my life. The season of retreat is over; I break out of this prison now to a glorious higher version of myself.

With a bleeding heart, I’ve paid the debt of spiritual cave to spare every fruit of love from evil heritage and bondage. I choose not to hide anymore from fear of being broken, hurt, oppressed by the slander of the evil tongues who formed a network to tarnish my destiny, to force me to walk away from my calling. I declare, I am coming out of isolation; I am coming out of that cave. It’s time for me to find my soul tribe to plant my root down deep with God. I shall not die but, I shall live to declare this message to every bleeding soul whose life have been tortured by the wickedness of this World. I declare, this is a new dawn of hope, liberation, freedom and sanctification for my soul family; those who came with me on a mission of love and light.

The evil ones came after my soul and buried me but, they didn’t know that I was a seed. They took everything from me including those I called my own who became their pawn just to cripple my destiny. I was thrust into the dirt, they thought that I was dead and buried. I am a seed that is breaking forth a message of hope to my soul family. I’ve emerged from rut to share my message of truth, love and peace. What that was meant to destroy me, to assassinate my destiny, has equipped me, structured me and made me a miracle and wonders of God. I’ve forgiven them and I live in gratitude for every life bitter lesson. The only crime that I committed is the seed of change God placed on my life as His ordinance.

I lifted up my hands unto heavens with a total surrender, I surrender my life afresh. Lord, take over the seed of love you placed on my life. I cannot walk this walk alone; unless you walk with me. Take over my will, take over my creative mind and passion in this life. Lord, I cannot do it by myself; unless you stand by me. Take over this prison break season and grant me solace. By faith, I cry the tears of freedom for my soul family. Lord, take over all that I am; I cannot be who you created me to be, unless you take over this prison break. Yes, I am an image of love.

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  1. Princess Adewoyin

    I’m so blessed my this. I’ve just woken up to the brightness of a new day and I’ve started my day by reading this and making these confessions. Thanks so much for this


    I feel pleasure to read such beautiful spiritual, mystical thoughts which gives me a lot of enthusiasm to go ahead on the mission of love and integrity . Let’s believe in culture of peace culture of love culture of humanity . Let’s make our valuable life worthy for the betterment of society .

  3. I appreciate this exceptional manifestation. It’s very inspirational. Thank you Her Imperial Majesty Queen, Excellency Ambassador Dr. Uba Iwunwa. I’m gracious for life, all the blessings bestowed and instore. My gratitude for your support and friendship my dear sister Queen Uba.

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