Arochukwu: Ikeji Festival by Victory Udochukwu Ferdinard…Part 2
Arochukwu: Ikeji Festival by Victory Udochukwu Ferdinard...Part 2 blog

Arochukwu: Ikeji Festival by Victory Udochukwu Ferdinard…Part 2

On Eke of Ikeji, the men go to the market to buy goats for sacrifices to appease the gods on that day. Men buy according to the strength of their pockets, some buy one goat, others buy two or even more. Women go to the Eke market with their best rappers and beautiful hair tie designs.That’s when you know who is rich according to the way the wives dresses. Some of the women tie Omuaro George. That is for those who can afford it in those days.

Omuaro George is a piece of clothe tied by any Aro man celebrating an occasion or a big festival in Arochukwu. It is a big attire for them. It is used to signify the wealthy individuals in the community. It has a logo on it which bears their name. However, can tie other rapper, but it has to be George. It is a busy and happy event.

Women decorate themselves with calm wood, drawing beautiful patterns on their mothers and helping on the eve of the the orie day. So many houses slaughter animals, like chicken, goat, cow, depending on the capacity of each family to their chi, to thank him for the year, their yielding crops and progresses. Every house in Arochuchwu as well as every woman has a corner where they worship their chi, that’s the god many people in Igbo land worship until today.

On Eke night, all the young boys in the village will be out singing and playing the flute, and suddenly the Agu Monwu- the Masquerade will appear on the playground. And the boys will go around the village the “Spirit Masquerade” to meet their peers who have just come out with their new masquerade.

It is a great joy to celebrate Ikeji night eve: the Orie Egbugbu, then the next day is the Afor day. That´s the day all the masquerades converge at the village square dancing to Flutes and drums, making all kinds of crazy gyrations and all sort of displays. Then on Nkwo day, the same event takes place again, and continues on Eke day which is the last day for this annual festival. It is a prestigious culture which attracts the people of Arondizuogu and sundry to Arochukwu.

During this celebration only men ,women and young boys are allowed to participate and walk about without hitches, the young girls hide at the sight of any oncoming masquerade, because they will be flogged by the “Spirit Masquerade” if ever they make the slightest mistake of being in the midst of men.

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