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Monarchy of Yaya, the kingdom of Love and Peace

I am the living legend of Yaya; the grand daughter of Omari Yaya Obioha Chinyere. Yaya is the great daughter of ancient Onye Ozo Obioha of Nkwerre, Imo-State, Nigeria, West Africa. This website is a reflection of the legacy that my late grandmother Yaya has left in me, a legacy of love. 

My late father, Elder Josiah Achinulo Chinyere, Sir. J. by a dedication of my Dame Knighthood was the last born of his mother Yaya. He was known as Achinulo Nwa Omari all his life. My dad grew up old with the embodiment of the pride of being Nwa Yaya with honor and love for his mother. A born Princess of an ancient ozo titled man Obioha of Okwaraosa Kindred, Ugwunyi Nkwerre.

Ozo is the highest title in Igbo land, pride of royalty my grandmother Yaya took to her marriage with Chinyere of Ugwu na Agbo Nkwerre. While married to Chinyere she maintained the use of her father’s name with pride as she was popularly known as Omari Obioha. My late father was also well rooted in his maternal home till death. As a mark of this ancient ozo inheritance, the late Eshi (King) of Nkwerre, Eze Ugochukwu paid the last respect of placing a piece of Ajii cloth inside my father’s casket and also made the selection of burial spot “Ima nbazu” during the burial of my late father as an honor to the late grandson of an ancient ozo titled man in Nkwerre. A rite my father’s best friend Nze Emeto organized with the King and the oldest man from my grandmother’s family Ezi Okwaraosa to ensure that the legacy of my grandmother Yaya was respected and honored in our society.

Baroness Uba Iwunwa
Monarchy of Yaya

Growing up my late father made sure that my lineage of Yaya with Obioha, Uju, Okparaocha and Achonu family was part of my upbringing. I was showered with gifts at every visit. Many of the older men and women who have departed this world, all played a big role in raising me up as the great living incarnation of Yaya. 

Ancient ozo title is a royalty my late father who raised made me to understand and uphold. It´s a well respectable lineage in Igbo land. My late Uncle, Chief Engr. Mark Onwuka Anyiam the grandson of Yaya carried on that legacy of honor as it was handed over to him by my late father to uphold the legacy of Yaya. Late Chief Engr. Mark Anyiam was the son of Nwa-amuka, the youngest daughter of Yaya. Chief Mark Anyiam anchored his root to the lineage of Yaya. His maternal home was his pride and honor till death. He was the bearer of the sacred ozo mantle (Akpa Ajii) of his great grand father in honor of his late grandmother Omari Yaya Obioha Chinyere, a well-kept secret between my late father and his nephew Chief Onwuka Anyiam of a bridal gift my late grandmother brought to her marriage: an ‘Akpa Ajii’ a royal bag given to her by her father as a mark of royalty she took to her marriage. 

Today, as history is slipping off our fingers with the death of those who held the mantle of royalty ‘Akpa Ajii Onye Ozo’ and as the last incarnation of Yaya I engrave my footprints in the sand of time. I raise my hand up with gratitude to my forefathers and promise to follow their footsteps.

Baroness Uba Iwunwa

Monarchy of Yaya is an expansion of a showcase of Igbo cultural heritage globally. Monarchy of Yaya is a mantle to represent the vibrant beauty of African women. A Kingdom of Peace and Love, a place to express our culture, sing it, preach it, act it, dance it and write it.

Monarchy of Yaya is also an initiative to champion women leaders and change makers to lead with grace and pride for African cultural heritage all over the World. We stand to promote as well as to support  women in leadership. We abhor the feeling uncertainty and inadequacy gender gap have created in our society. Our women must rise up as good ambassadors across the globe.


Monarchy of Yaya

Monarchy of Yaya stands tall for women all over the World and for generations unborn on my journey to immortalize the name of my late father. Through the ages past in human existence, we shall be remembered by our deeds; ONLY BY THE WORK THAT WE HAVE DONE. Where tradition has deprived women the right to carry on legacy, I lift up every award of my humanitarian recognition from every Nations of the World as a dedication to my late father’s last wish. He lives on through my global service to humanity across every race, tribe and religion.


I lay down this legacy through my website for generation unborn. My late father was the first son of his father, Nze Aghumnu Chinyere (Omeonu Uwa). My late father Achinulo proudly took my grandfather’s title “Omeonu Uwa” as the first son. He was blessed with half siblings from his mother Omari Yaya Obioha Chinyere and they are here.


Baroness Uba Iwunwa

MEMORIAM: In sweet memory of my Late Father Elder, Josiah Achinulo Chinyere. Papam@85, each time I look at myself in the mirror, I see all that you are in me. Papa, many years have passed since you went home to your maker but the pain is still fresh in my heart. Rest on Nwa Yaya.


Monarchy of Yaya Crown

1. Late Madam Ihekwere-eze Ikpo
2. Late Mazi Osu-ekwu Chinyere
3. Late Madam Nwa-amuka Anyiam

And half siblings from his father
1. Late Lolo. Martha Akwaja Akanu
2. Late Da Jane Chinyere
3. Late Mazi Jonathan Chinyere
4. And Da Nnenna – nee Chinyere


Baroness Uba Iwunwa

Gratitude to my mother, my hero, Amb, Egondu Margaret Chinyere. Like Hannah returned Samuel to the Synagogue. I’ve returned in service to that God who brought me into this World as a gift of light. By the divine order, I was led slowly like a caterpillar through the illusion of darkness and light to the manifestation and emergence of my true life purpose . To spread my wings adorned with beautiful colors like a butterfly; as I stand in my truth of my mission on earth

Monarchy of Yaya Crown

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